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MMIF + AmsterdamSim in TimeOut Amsterdam

3 Jun

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In the june 2011 issue of Time Out Amsterdam magazine:

Page 9: Monthly planner…  “Have a reel good time at the weird and wonderful Ma Machinima International Film Festival”.

Page 71: Film Preview article about MMIF 2011 – Ma Machinima International Festival june 17/18 in Second Life + Club Karlsson Amsterdam NL.

Page 3: “‘Virtual Amsterdam” mentioned in magazine contents top left, under“Dammed”.

Page 14: Article about AmsterdamSim in SL: “Mock Mokum”.

Time Out Amsterdam is a montly printed guide to culture and to what’s on in Amsterdam. It costs 2.95 euro. The june 2011 issue is also for sale online via http://www.timeoutamsterdam.nl .  Only three zoom in previews are available via http://gb.zinio.com/reader.jsp?pub=500432133 (Enter the page numbers in search)

 Click here for a paper scan of TimeOut’s MMIF article

Feb. 28th: MaMachinima International Festival – MMIF 2009

27 Feb


update 20090228 08:50 CET

MMIF 2009

MMIF 2009

saturday 28th of february

Starts 22:00 CET / ( = SL 1 pm PDT)

The first edition of an annual global gathering of machinimathographers. With public screenings of machinima movies inside the (free) virtual world Second Life ® (SL) and simultaneous in Amsterdam (NL).



All Machinima created with all online videogames/virtual worlds/MMORPG are welcome to participate at MMIF 2009!

Video’s produced inside Second Life (SL), World of Warcraft (WoW), Half Life, Crysis, Halo, Grand Theft Auto (GTA), Moviestorm, The Sims, OpenGrid, Playstation Home and so on.

Chantal Harvey in front of the virtual film screen at the MaMachinima Theatre



MMIF 2009 is not a competition, but a public event for celebration of machinima! Meeting/exhanging/sharing/learning/education of  ideas, expertise and fun, in the fields of arts, media and technology on the subject of machinima.

‘RL’ physical film screen for MMIF2009 at the PLANETART Medialab Artspace



MMIF 2009 is a non/profit event run by volunteers and entirely financed by gifts and donations.

  1. Please donate Linden Dollars (L$) via SL in the donation box at the MaMachinima Theatre
  2. http://MMIF.org is a machinima community website created by volunteers in limited spare time. Please contribute by adding missing information to this website or correcting mistakes. In comments at the bottom of each webpage or contact us please to become a co-admin.
  3. MMIF 2010: Become a volunteer or participant. Or organise a simultanious MMIF 2010 public screening in your city, anywhere in the real physical world.  Contact us please for more collaboration details.

Part of the Dadamachinima expo at the PLANETART Medialab Artspace, Amsterdam.





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