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MMIF2011 & MetaMeets: Same days, same venue

11 Jun

short deep link: http://wp.me/pr61y-ep

MMIF is happy to announce a unique collaboration with MetaMeets for 2011: Europe’s premier 3D-Internet & Virtual Worlds Conference!

MetaMeets 2011 will be happening during the same days as MMIF and at the same venue in Amsterdam: Club Karlsson. MetaMeets in the daytime, MMIF at night (friday & saturday).


Club Karlsson is located in Amsterdam on the top floor of the Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk). At Keizersgracht, one of the most beautiful canals in The Netherlands.

Both events need separate ticket reservations: MMIF tickets are free, MetaMeets tickets are not for free.

More details: http://MetaMeets.com 

MMIF & MetaMeets team members meeting about the partnership. Club Karlsson is in the white building on the left.


MMIF 2011 in june

16 Mar

MaMachinima International Festival 2011 will almost certainly happen june 17-18, this will be confirmed soon.  MIFF volunteers are already working hard behind the scenes to produce this unique global event: MMIF 2011 will be happening live online on the web and interactive inside the virtual world Second Life. MMIF is open for ALL machinima films from all Virtual Worlds and Games! (Not just SL)  MMIF 2011 is partnering with the MetaMeets conference for the cinema screening in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

More details about machinima video submissions for MMIF 2011 will be posted soon at http://MMIF.org.

MMIF 2009 was a mamarvelous succes!

2 Mar

Link to this post: http://2009.MMIF.org (active soon)

update 20090302 20:20 CET

[MMIF 2009 impression machinima by Larkworthy Antfarm]

Thanks very much to everybody involved in MMIF 2009: All the volunteers, the participants and the visitors! It was a great success, much busier then we had expected, and overal a great atmosphere in SL as well as in NL!

[Snapshot taken at the MaMachinima Theatre during the screening of … by CallieDel Boa]

Over FIFTY machinima films were screened at MMIF 2009, the average quality was actually quite high and very talented. MMIF participants ROCK!

[Snapshot with SL interface, taken at the MaMachinima Theatre by CallieDel Boa]

The Rasta Views sim in SL was almost contineously full for the entire 6 hours of the festival. Some could hardly move because of the lag, at the beginning of the event it was a real issue. The sim limit had to be lowered to 75 avatars by RastaViews sim manager TributeTim Kwak. There were some technical ‘infant illnesses’ with the synchronisation of the machinima for the audience at RastaViews (SL) as well as the audience at PLANETART in Amsterdam (NL) .

[Snapshot with SL interface, taken at the MaMachinima Theatre by PookyMedia]

For many of the volunteers in the MMIF 2009 organisation, this was the first experience with such a big event. We learned a lot about logistics, software and hardware and so, valuable experiences  we can use for MMIF 2010.

MMIF 2009 at PLANETARt, Amsterdam (NL) [photo by Richard Pyrker][iPhone photo of the MMIF 2009 screening control in Amsterdam by mobile twittering visitor cycus aka Richard Pyrker]

Despite modest publicity, also the public screening at the PLANETART Medialab Artspace in Amsterdam (NL) was full at a certain point, we had to arrange extra chairs last-minute. Some people actually brought their laptop to be even more interactive with MMIF2009, even MMIF 2009 participant Alexicon Kurka unexpectedly showed up ‘in the flesh’ with his laptop computer. All together the athmosphere was very good in SL as wel in NL!

[Snapshot taken at the MaMachinima Theatre by Blue Linden]

We learned a lot about logistics, and the use software and hardware and so for a cross-reality live event like this. Valuable experiences we can use for MMIF 2010. So we are already looking forward to MMIF in february 2010.

[Snapshot by PookyMedia taken at the MMIF 2009 Ball with VJ Galaxy Girl ]

Please join us as a participant, volunteer or organise a simultaneous public MMIF 2010 screening in your city (‘RL’) and contact us please!

Audience in SL watching the audience in NL watching the audience in SL...[Exerpt from a Snapshot by PookyMediaTaken at the MMIF Theatre showing the  Meta.Live.Nu webcam at PLANETART, Amsterdam. During the breaks of the machinima screenings: Audience in SL watching the audience in NL, watching the audience in SL watching… ]

View more images at http://flickr.com/groups/mmif and please add yours!

Feb. 28th: MaMachinima International Festival – MMIF 2009

27 Feb


update 20090228 08:50 CET

MMIF 2009

MMIF 2009

saturday 28th of february

Starts 22:00 CET / ( = SL 1 pm PDT)

The first edition of an annual global gathering of machinimathographers. With public screenings of machinima movies inside the (free) virtual world Second Life ® (SL) and simultaneous in Amsterdam (NL).



All Machinima created with all online videogames/virtual worlds/MMORPG are welcome to participate at MMIF 2009!

Video’s produced inside Second Life (SL), World of Warcraft (WoW), Half Life, Crysis, Halo, Grand Theft Auto (GTA), Moviestorm, The Sims, OpenGrid, Playstation Home and so on.

Chantal Harvey in front of the virtual film screen at the MaMachinima Theatre



MMIF 2009 is not a competition, but a public event for celebration of machinima! Meeting/exhanging/sharing/learning/education of  ideas, expertise and fun, in the fields of arts, media and technology on the subject of machinima.

‘RL’ physical film screen for MMIF2009 at the PLANETART Medialab Artspace



MMIF 2009 is a non/profit event run by volunteers and entirely financed by gifts and donations.

  1. Please donate Linden Dollars (L$) via SL in the donation box at the MaMachinima Theatre
  2. http://MMIF.org is a machinima community website created by volunteers in limited spare time. Please contribute by adding missing information to this website or correcting mistakes. In comments at the bottom of each webpage or contact us please to become a co-admin.
  3. MMIF 2010: Become a volunteer or participant. Or organise a simultanious MMIF 2010 public screening in your city, anywhere in the real physical world.  Contact us please for more collaboration details.

Part of the Dadamachinima expo at the PLANETART Medialab Artspace, Amsterdam.





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