MMIF 2010 was aMaMazing!

23 Feb

The eight hour MMIF 2010 marathon was a great succes again!

A list of all MMIF 2010 machinima participants, with video on-demand:

or view via

Chantal Harvey’s MMIF 2010 playlist

or via this

MMIF 2010 playlist

Reports, snapshots and video about MMIF 2010 are appearing online:

MMIF2010 Impressions (video by ciskovan)

MMIF2010 promo (video by spyvspyaeon)

Machinima-report about MMIF 2010 (video by SatscapeFilms)

The MMIF 2010 hosts (Snapshot by Mamachinima)

Danish machinima artist Binary Quandry traveled from Denmark to Amsterdam to join MMIF2010 @ PLANETART. He talked about his MMIF 2010 entry “7 Keys”  (Interview by Ystreams.TV)

Audience impression MMIF2010 @ PLANETART Medialab Artspace, Amsterdam. (Video by Ystreams.TV)


MMIF - MaMachinima International Festival - View this group's photos on FlickriverAdd your snapshots and video to the MMIF Flickr group please!

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9 Responses to “MMIF 2010 was aMaMazing!”

  1. SaveMe Oh 2010/02/21 at 22:10 #

    The mamachinima event is starting to get out of hand, 8 hours of crashing avatars from which most of them are not able to see the programmed movie inside sl asks for rethinking. It is great to have 100 avis on a sim but when nobody can move or enjoy the event it’s megalomanic. Every movie is great, marvelous, wonderful, clap, clap, clap. But the event inside sl is just a egotripping event. When everybody chooses to see the movies on other steamed media because there is no other choice the festival inside SL should get another structure. I don’t know how but like this everybody is forced to start multitasking and do something more usefull during the festival like knitting or watch the olympics

    • Ze Moo 2010/02/23 at 13:40 #

      Thanks for your comments.

      You say: “most of them are not able to see the programmed movie” < How do you know 'most of them'? You are the first I hear such complaints from, did you do any research into this?

      MMIF 2010 was fortunately spread over 4 sims, and because of that I think there was less lag then MMIF 2009, when there was only 1 sim.

      I agree that 'lag' is an issue that has to be adressed, but even despite lag many people seem to be able to enjoy it. Also, the amount of 'lag' is very individual, mostly depending on individual hardware specifications and personal viewer preferences. Of course technically an event like MMIF is far from perfect, but so far the resources are limited on all fronts. MMIF is an experiment in many ways, not many events like this have been done in the past. We keep on learning…

      Please share ideas what could be done to improve MMIF 2011?

      • SaveMe Oh 2010/02/24 at 13:46 #

        Complaints you never hear a lot as everybody is too busy telling eachother how great they are as that is a part of our whished SL. Ofcourse I am happy I am the first, makes me proud of myself again.
        Research I didn’t had to do because listening to all of my friends there was clear enough.

        When I want to see a movie I don’t use a radio.
        When I want to see a movie I don’t sit 8 hours in a cinema.
        When I want to see a movie I don’t want a host on repeat mode(clap, clap, marvelous, great, etc.)
        When I go to an event it should be an event and not an animated dvd player.
        So: Play the movies on the medium best fitted to it (stream, site etc. you know this better then me)
        And make the event in sl a true happening for the people inworld as they are sl users and not people in rl going to a cinema sitting on a chair.

    • Sol Broome 2010/03/16 at 14:18 #

      Thanks SaveMe Oh for your feedback.
      I would not agree on the “starting to get out of hand” statement, but I do agree with the rethinking part. Was involved this year to bring the MMIF live to the web (by ordinary flash-streaming) and make MMIF a real cross medium spectacle that can be properly followed by people RL (in Amsterdam), SL (on the festival sim) but also on the internet. Also agree this did not work out 100% also due to various technical reasons. To bring MMIF to the web (where bulk of the machinima/animations intersted audience is) I think is the challenge of next year and crucial for the future of MMIF. Especially if you really want to bring these Machinima’s out into the world of course (with a wink to the egotripping comment of SaveMe Oh). I am happy to try and do a better job in this area next year.


  2. ciskovan 2010/02/22 at 10:19 #

    what a blast !! MAMAchinima Marathon – crashing the limits – LAG is LOVE – groundbreaking event for the community. big bow mam .-)

  3. lizsolo 2010/02/24 at 15:48 #

    Had a fine time at this year’s MMIF – I have written about the event on my blog:

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