MMIF 2010: february 20th!

23 Dec

MaMachinima International Festival 2010 will be happening saturday february 20th,  inworld Second Life. (sim location details will be announced in february 2010)

Also screened at physical locations with public internet access:

– Amsterdam, The Netherlands (confirmed, more details soon)

– Your location? Contact us!

More information coming up …


9 Responses to “MMIF 2010: february 20th!”

  1. Doubledown Tandino 2010/01/02 at 22:25 #

    Can’t wait to hear more info! Thank you for putting your efforts into making this happen!

    How does one submit a machinima into the festival?
    I’d love to include this one into it:

    • Chantal Harvey 2010/01/19 at 12:07 #

      Hey DD, Thanks for the suggestion – I am hoping spyVspy will submit that machinima to the festival, he has accepted the invitation. Thanks, and please come and join us during the festival?

      • spyvspyaeon 2010/01/25 at 20:15 #

        I’ve sent you the video submission before 😛 did u get it?
        @Doubledown Tandino – I didn’t submitted the “MULTIPLE WORLDS” on this festival. :S

  2. Chantal Harvey 2010/01/03 at 05:03 #

    Machinima s pouring in – deadline is February 10, 2010. So, contact me at if you have films to show me…and for information.

    • Chantal Harvey 2010/02/02 at 04:38 #

      I stated above, that the deadline for submitting a machinima to the festival, is Feb 10 — which is a typo. Deadline for submitting is February 1st,2010 —
      Anybody entering work now, will be included in the afterparty, during which a lot of machinima will be shown – but the official festival is now closed. So keep entering your work, and for those wanting to be in the MMIF 2011 – keep an eye on this site.

  3. animatechnica 2010/02/08 at 17:36 #

    twelve days and counting! so looking forward to this

  4. animatechnica 2010/02/15 at 17:57 #

    any updates on SL locations?

  5. CallieDel Boa 2010/02/20 at 20:45 #

    What I got to see was great. Hopefully I’ll get back in to see the one I participated in, or was that 2?

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