MMIF2011 – the Playlist

24 Jun




Playlist 1: – [Friday June 17] – Club Karlsson (RL) + LEA Theatre (SL) + MMIF WEB Playlist

Block 1 – hosted by Rhett Linden and Chantal Harvey:

Zachary Kaye – Biggest Hitmarker Fail EVER!!! (2010)
Random Double Y tap no-scope across estate for a huge hitmarker fail!
I’m 17 and love to hang out with friends, experience new stuff, and of course game. I game on the PC and the 360. My top games are the Call of Duty Series, and Rockstar games such as Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto fall close behind.

Tom Jantol aka Madame Zhora – Dear Fairy (2010) * Motionbuilder
Pinocchio wants to be a wooden toy again.
In love with animation and my parrot.
Real time can be at the same level as any rendered full studio production, even graphically. What a exciting time we live in.

Iono Allen – Fears (2010) * Second Life
Susa Bubble, a young girl facing her emotions, her many personalities and her fears.
I am making machinimas since a year or a bit more. I particularly enjoy filming artworks in Second Life with my own interpretation, as I am also interested in many forms of art in real life. I also try to make some more personal machinimas.

Bernhard Drax aka Draxtor Despres – The Kansas To Cairo Project Part #1 (2010) * Second Life
Students from Cairo and Los Angeles used Second Life to design a space situated between the Grand Egyptian Museum and the Pyramids of Giza. They had never met in the physical world, using merely their avatars to communicate, collaborate and create sustainable urban design solutions while overcoming cultural boundaries.
Bernhard Drax is an award-winning filmmaker, musician & former radio newsguy, originally from Munich, Germany. With 5 solo albums to his credit (available on itunes or amazon) and numerous recordings as sideman, he should probably relax on the beach with his 8-year old. Instead, he is scoring movie after movie after movie, supplying social issue documentaries with immersive media, producing machinima for corporate andnon-profit clients all the while working on new music.

Bryn Oh – Rusted Gears (2011) * Second Life
A Poem.
Bryn Oh is an anonymous artist who exists in the virtual world of Second Life. An art project created by a Toronto oil painter with the ultimate goal of having her show outside the virtual world amongst flesh and blood artists. With the generous support of the Canadian Government this is becoming a reality.

Liz Solo aka Lizsolo Mathilde – Your Discarded Guitar (Sweet Clementine) (2010) * Second Life
A song for Clementine.
Liz Solo is a performance artist, musician and machinimator.

Marc Cuppens aka Marx Catteneo – Staying Alive (2011) * Second Life
A cool guy walks down the street – but what’s lurking in the shadows behind him?
Started Real life photography in 1982. Started recording concerts on video 1990, then camera work and editing for others – first own short movie 1995, entered SL in 2007 started machinima in 2009.

Phaylen Fairchild – Harbinger (2010) * Second Life – mixed reality
Nothing can prepare you for what happens to Angela Gordon…
15 minutes online will change her life forever.
HARBINGER is a mixed reality short horror film from writer/director Phaylen Fairchild
Charter Member Phaylen Fairchild began her Second life on New Years Eve 2002, making her one of the oldest virtual residents on the Second Life Grid today. Her passion began primarily in MMORPG’s, which she later integrated into her real life work, starting as Assistant Site Manager for The Warcry networks Everquest 2 community site and soon taking on the task of Site Manager for Warcry’s Matrix Online Portal.

Alfonso Kohn aka Al Peretz – Unplugged (2011) * Second Life – mixed reality
This is the story of Miyo, an avatar that is disconnected from its owner, and struggles to reunite with her before she dies. Miyo fights against hate, to overcome evil.
I am a director and producer of machinima and rl films. I was founder of a film school in Colombian and director of a tv channel for 4 years. I love machinima.

Rose Borchovski aka Saskia Boddeke – Why is there something ?- Susa Bubble Part 5 : Greek Myth, The Battle of the Gods (2010) * Second Life
Why is there something? Why is there not nothing ? A story of the beginning of the universe. A journey by Susa Bubble through the world of mythologies to find answers to this questions. This part is the Greek myth , the Battle of the Titans. The Gods who are living on the mountain Olympus .
I’m a multimedia Artist/Director.

Block 2 hosted by Toxic Menges and Fake Jewell:

Rose Borchovski aka Saskia Boddeke – Why is there something? – Susa Bubble Part 6: The Israel Myth (2010) * Second Life
Why is there something? Why is there not nothing ? A story of the beginning of the universe. The triumph of the human mind and the search for answers. A journey by Susa Bubble through the world of mythologies to find these answers. This part is the Israel myth,The pain of Adam and Eve, the punishment to have gained knowledge.
Multimedia Artist/Director.

Chantal Harvey – TWO AM, and I have lost you (2010) * Second Life
Filmed at Bryn Oh’s Standby installation at IBM sims in SL.
The breathtaking song “TWO AM” is by Grace McDunnough.
I film, edit, run, produce the MMIF – which i founded too, i produce the 48HFP machinima, and enjoy almost every aspect of this genre. I started machinima in 2007.

Tikaf Viper – BeStyle District Agency Carnival show (2011) * Second Life
A fashion show having the Carnival for topic; the first part is dedicated to Venice, the second to Rio.
I discovered machinima a few months after I discovered SL, and have been having fun directing little films since then.

Spiral Silverstar – Please Stand By (2011) * Second Life
A whimsical look at the topic of televison.
I am 62 years old, reside in New Orleans, La, USA, Retired.
In SL four years. Fractal Artist for 15 years. New to Machinima. Enjoys all art forms.

SaveMe Oh – Save Space (2010) * Second Life
SaveMe’s 2010 space odyssee.
I am a dutch theater-director with Asian roots who also tries to make performances or theatreplays in SL. Together with my father Cupido Oh I explore the creative challenges and limitations of SL. Crossed quit some borders already but also found huge walls. When a dramaqueen decides to call herself SaveMe Oh on the day of her virtual birth she knows trouble is on the way. She should have known she implanted a magnet of trouble on the spot where everybody else has a heart. But if there might be a slight trace of selfpity we might expect she will hides it in the most grotesk way she can, that’s the job of a true dramaqueen.

Faires Rivers – Meeting Betty (2011) * Carrara7
The Faction drop ship Defiant was en route to take out Uber base, a supply base of their enemy, The Palm. They had just left WX airspace when Sparks shares something with Ivan that will aid him in the battles to come.
Still in the learning process but I’m enjoying animated moviemaking as I go along. Also learning Daz/Carrara and a few other 3D programs as well as FCP and Motion 4. Making mech related movies was for me a good way to get started.

James Pollard aka Chaffro Schoonmaker – Cascade (2011) * Second Life
A single-shot Second Life-filmed music video to accompany the song ‘Cascade’ by UK post-rock artist The Echelon Effect. Filmed on the sim of Avaria Tor.
A UK-based Second Life machinimatographer, exploring the filming possibilities that the platform offers.

Fuschia Nightfire – Take the Road Less Travelled (2011) * Second Life
This is a journey that goes through some of my favourite art installations by artists on SL who I have found inspiring.
The music ‘Road Less Travelled’ was written by Blindboy Gumbo specifically for this machinima.
Fuschia Nightfire (known in real life as Nina Camplin) is a mural artist specialising in trompe l’oeil. She is interested in challenging the viewer’s perception of space and creating illusions of faked realities.

Osprey Therian – Forest of Scissors (2010)
* Second Life
Film interpretation of Igor Ballyhoo’s installation “Forest of Scissors” at UTSA Artspace inside Second Life.
I went to a Japanese teahouse once, for a tea ceremony. As each person receives a cup he or she turns the cup and looks at every part — observing and appreciating the weight, the texture, the dimensions, the color, the shape, the design, etc. What better way to turn life in my hands and observe each part than to take on many roles? I like to see all around things — so I have to go here and see life from above, here to see from below, here to see from any of a vast number of possible viewpoints.

Majenh aka Pia Klaar – The Red Shoes: A Second Life Fairy Tale (2011) * Second Life
“The Red Shoes” is a story about a girl’s journey to find her dream; a journey that many take. It is also about the difficulties that one may have in order to achieve that dream.
It is inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale “The Red Shoes” , in which a girl could not stop dancing in her enchanted red shoes. But it is also inspired by the song “The Red Shoes” by Kate Bush and the 1948 film of the same name.
Pia is a person with an art background that has discovered the use of Second Life as a means to create machinima.

Pyewacket Kazyanenko – Opium (2011) * Second Life
Pyewacket lies dreaming, she chases a dragon,but it cannot be caught.She is terribly sad.
Pyewacket is a fully self-sufficient artist working in Second Life and in various Open Sims. After graduating from bondage school in late 2007 she has been working in many areas of the virtual arts, a lot of which include hybrid performance with the physical world. From 2008 she has been assisting Stelarc with the creation of a gallery in Second Life as well as partaking in Stelarc performances and presentations worldwide. She regularly performs with her own robotic dance troupe ‘The Pyebot dancers’ and through her ongoing research hopes to be one of the first artificial intelligent artists, when technology permits.

Bay Sweetwater – The Creative Commons Dance Song (2011) * Second Life
A dance video humorously explaining the Creative Commons licensing system and advocating the free exchange of art.
I am a poet and storyteller interested in promoting the free exchange of art in all worlds.

Tutsy Navarathna – A journey into the Metaverse (2011) * Second Life
This machinima is a metaphorical tale, questioning relationships established between reality and virtuality through our avatars and the play on the double meaning of the word ‘avatar’ refering to its original Sanskrit meaning of a spiritual quest.
French painter and movie maker working and living in south India for 10 years.

Playlist 2: – [Saturday June 18] – Club Karlsson (RL) + LEA Theatre (SL) + MMIF WEB Playlist

Block 3 – hosted by Kate Fosk and Chantal Harvey:

Harrison Heller aka NefariousGuy Mainline aka Nefarious Guy – Stop, Rewind (2010) * HL2/Gary’s Mod
In the sequel to Clockwork, former mafia hitman Frank Sorelli receives
a mysterious call from his last ally, police lieutenant Kevin
Mayfield. But Frank is a wanted man, pursued by both the cops and the
mob and his risky meeting at Mayfield’s apartment may end in blood.
Harrison Heller is an award-winning American machinima director who
works primarily with Half-Life 2 and Gary’s Mod. In 2005 he
co-founded Amorphous Blob Productions, a virtual production studio for
which he has written and directed numerous machinima films including
the comedy series “Machinima! With Officer Dan”, the sci-fi film “Stop
Rewind” and noir gangster films “Clockwork” and “Clockwise: Part 1”.
In 2010, he expanded production into the realm of live-action with the
release of “The Pattern” and “Shelf Life”. His work has been shown in
festivals around the world. He is currently studying film at Brown

Patrick Faith aka Kolor Fall – Before Y (2011)
Story of the First Y Chromosome (first male)
Patrick Faith, nick name is
Kolor: Painter / Composer / Designer. Owner of the Kolor Studio. Producer for
Art in Design. Has done a lot of the global AI’s.

Claus Dieter Schultz aka Rohan Fermi – Order in Chaos (2010) * Second Life
Abstract Machinima Movie featuring December 2009 Winner of the UWA
3D Art & Design Challenge: CHAOS IN ORDER by Igor Ballyhoo. Originaly made for 2010 MachinimUWA II: Art of the Artists.
C.-D. Schulz studied physics at University of Stuttgart and electronic and computer music at State College for Music and Performing Art, Stuttgart. Starting working since 1999 in the area
of real-time 3D animation he founded Machinima Studios in 2006. He is currently working as independent filmmaker and teaching filmmaking and machinima, creating new machinima projects and exploring a new way of movie making without any camera.

Circular work: Luca van Grinsven and Graham Fitzgerald – All Inclusive (2010) * GTA
A romantic weekend away for Patrick and Michelle’s anniversary in an all-inclusive resort on a secluded island is about to begin. Soon after their flight begins, their weekend away backfires catastrophically as the pair enter a deadly situation and have to struggle to survive.
With close on a decade on combined experience creating machinima, Circular Work film exclusively in San Andreas, aiming to create machinima that is engaging, engrossing and entertaining. Focusing on serious drama, Circular Work hope to broaden peoples view of machinima, proving you don’t need explosions and guns to create great machinima.

Anamkhai Sodwind and Akanjee Yongho – The Little Newbie (2008) * Second Life
The Little Newbie is a Machinima music video composed using Second Life default voices (hey ! look what I’ve made – what do you think ? eww…” The little newbie is a new girl slowly building cubes that will end up looking like a cool dancefloor. The lyrics are made with second life default sounds that each user has.
We are two multimedia artists brothers working in Amsterdam. I’m a music producer and my domain is basically more the sound and my brother is more into the video aspect. We make concepts from A to Z ! Actually working on concerts for real clubs that would be stream on a screen from very far away locations !

Verissimus Seetan – Herbert the Pervert in Second Life (2011) * Second Life
This is what happens when Herbert the pervert goes on second life and joins Valor. We offered him a position at the FRAG main store as a greeter, But later finds him self in trouble on the stress of liberty city. This is what the guys at Valor do late night, Cause trouble n Trollin like pros. This video was made in under 12 hours just for fun.
In second life I lead a light role play military style combat group named Valor and a second life weapons company CEO for FRAG. I really don’t know what so say lol, I just want to have fun with my buds.

Chatnoir Studios: Kate Lee & Sherwin Liu akaKate Zeminoba & Sergio Querilo – Incubus * Moviestorm and Second Life
The mythical creature, Incubus, is a demonic being that visits sleeping women to have intercourse. What is this beast that planted inside Isabel a nightmare that obsesses her? What is the
meaning of this perplexing dream she had?

Steve Millar aka Arahan Claveau – XXX PRIVATE SHOW (2008) * Second Life
The video was originally created as part of a multimedia installation in Second Life by Arthole. I wanted to confuse the viewer and make them uncomfortable, the combination of the Bunnyken character and unidentifiable audio sources helped achieve that goal.
I’ve been active in Second Life since June 2005. During this time I’ve experimented with the medium, creating a wide variety of artistic projects, ranging from photography and machinima, to large scale installations and mixed reality events.

Block 4 – hosted by Eastman Wildrose:

Paul Carr aka kibishipaul – Nowhere (2011) * Moviestorm
This film was actually started in 2010 when Moviestorm introduced the gizmo for moving objects in 3D space. I had an idea for building the house in a fantasy world setting and played around with it off and on for several months until the muse deserted me. Hence the poem 😉
I am a teacher of English language living in Japan. I have been active in producing machinima movies for about four years now, first using The Sims 2, which I originally used to make video materials for my language students. Around two years ago I began using Moviestorm, as it had more potential than TS2 and since then have produced a lot of short movies as well as working on my long term project of Jekyll and Hyde which at present has reached part four of six episodes.

Lorris Rizzo – Audition for a Killer (2011) * Moviestorm
An audition for a Killer becomes more realistic than expected. Story with a twist.
I am a director and a screenwriter.

Dulci – Mr.Colore (2011) * iClone
What if there was a pill that could change your skin into a mood indicator?
Dulci has been a prolific voiceactress and machinima artist since 2005.
Movies that she has produced and/or acted in have also been featured in several festival. She co-hosts a weekly internet radio show: The Wolf & Dulci Hour discusses the ins and outs of real-time animation software iClone in a fun and informative way, encouraging artists to think outside the box and push the envelope on the creative front. The podcast also showcases some of the talented movie makers in the animation community.

Ian Friar aka Ice Axe – Trichophagia (2011) * Moviestorm
A man with amnesia wakes cold and confused in what seems to be a prison cell. His fellow captives appear unwilling to explain his predicament, preferring to let him discover the truth for himself. Gradually, the full horror of the situation becomes clear.
Iain Friar (also known as IceAxe), is a machinima director from the UK. His most successful movie so far is Clockwork, which has been screened at film festivals around the world, and virtual festivals online. It has won many awards including Ollies for Best Arthouse and Best Shortform movie, and in 2009 won the Machinima Expo Grand Prize.

Richard G. Roberto aka rgr Ampan – A Dog’s Life (2010-2011) * Moviestorm
Two gangsters have a chat whilst driving.
One voices some suspicions he has along the way, and he turns out to have a
good reason. The language is raw, and there is a bit of violence.
I am a hobbyist musician and writer who discovered machinima several years ago and decided to try
making my own films. I’ve been hooked ever since. My life is filled with “happy accidents” and continues to unfold in ways that delight and mystify me. As a technologist, I’ve worked in 7 countries and spent five years living in Japan. All of this has and continues to shape my world view and my writing. If I ever hit the lottery, I’d retire from my day job and become a full time film maker.

AnimaTechnica – The Chef (2011) * iClone
This noirish Hitchcockian film tells the story of a woman who wakes up in a hospital after a fire and a doctor trying to find out what secrets lurk beneat.
stars Allie Manasco and BM McCauley, Original score composed by Jollaine, Courtesy of Jollaine Music, Ascap.
In the tech industry by day, a machinima film maker at night. Anima Technica has been making movies since he firt discovered iClone in 2006. His movies span a variety of genres including fantasy, sci-fi, comedy spoofs as well as musical narratives. AnimaTechnica’s movies have been screened in a number of film festivals and netted a couple of awards at the 2010 48HR Film Project. His current project is The Nobbit, an irreverent three part retelling of JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit. His next project is a machinima version of the musical Jesus Christ Superstar

Eddie Duggan – Looking for the truth (2010) * Moviestorm
Harris wakes up naked, scratched and bruised in an abandoned house. He tells Bengie, his flatmate, he can’t remember much about the night before. Meanwhile, Amber’s friend Jessica appears to be missing: is there a connection? Bengie and Amber want to know what happened. Everyone’s looking for the truth …
I was born in London. I live in England. I have five children, one of whom was asked to write a short film script to support his application for a script-writing course. I asked him if I could use the script to make a machinima piece. This film is the result. They offered him a place on the course, but he turned it down and took a place on a course that combines writing with production and post-production. I work in the education industry so don’t have as much time for writing or creative projects as I would like.

Damien Valentine aka Waresh London – Chronicles of Humanity: Episode 8 (2011) * Moviestorm
The final episode, after declaring independence, the colony of New Devonport is attacked by government forces, seeking to regain control of the planet.
I’ve got a very active imagination and enjoy telling a good story. Growing up with a lot of science fiction certainly influenced the kind of stories I like to tell, now thanks to machinima, I can turn those tales into movies.

Block 5 – hosted by Phaylen Fairchild:

Toxic Menges – Little Red Riding Hood (2010) * Second Life
The classic fairy tale with a slight twist, with adult themes.
I make machinima for myself mostly, but I am happy when others like my work. I like to use no post processing when possible to show how beautiful and amazing Second Life can be.

Clemens Fobianke aka Cisko Vandeverre – Seek (2010) * Second Life
A spaceship is receiving a signal from Australia.

Oscar Wagenmans – Wil je niet, wil je wel! (2011) * Second Life
When you love somebody very much you make sure she is always around.
I am a theatredirector and performer

Ian Upton aka Ian Pahute – Royksopp : A Long, Long Way (2011) * Iphone and Second Life
“His artistic take on the bands brief ‘descending or ascending feeling, until released from this mortal coil’ is beautifully illustrated with Ian’s free-falling figure. This abstract piece complements the music and is a fitting end for this album project that sees our hero falling through his own private purgatory.”
I am an artist. I am fascinated by the notion ‘what defines me’ and the virtual world presents an exciting medium for creative practice. I believe that as technology blurs the boundaries of our perceived reality we have to make it part of ourselves. But as in the real world, we need balance. Technology can so easily become an onslaught of the novel and we need more than this. My aspiration as an artist is to create virtual spaces where, like in the ancient, sacred, hidden and secret places in the real world, we can stop and just be…

Lainy Voom – Ctrl, Alt, Del (2010) * Second Life
This machinima was made to overcome a writers/machinima Block…
I began creating Machinima in 2004, and have been hooked ever since

Larkworthy Antfarm – bRainNwAsHer (2011) * Second Life
A poet watches as the dragonflies, moths and butterflies throw themselves at his candle and perish. He tells them the story of the Firefly Queen and how she lures her suitors to their deaths in the candle’s flame. All that live will thus die–the tragedy of life.
I am a professor at a small west coast college where I teach creative writing, mythology, and film. In SL, I am a machinima artist. I also own the Barking Dog Gallery (Selene) and the Nisqually Art Gallery (Evergreen Island).

Cecil Hirvi – Warriors of aliveness: I Spit on Thee (2011) * Second Life
(Cecil goes to the sea and finds humanity).
Cecil is one of the fimmakers that has been a part of MMIF since 2009.

Judy Lee – Point of View Machinima – Adventures in Dating (2008) * SIMS2
Adventures in Dating” is a light-hearted drama series that centers on the life of two sisters, Emma and Ellen. Emma is a 29 year old woman looking for the ‘one’ while Ellen is 31, has been married for three years and is feeling discontent.

Eric van Mierle aka Eric Boccara – Juroney (2011) * Second Life
Lone wandere on a quest to deliver a package.
I want to use Second Life to the max – when it comes to making these machinimas. So i use a lot of trickery.

Playlist 3: – [Saturday June 18] – LEA Theatre (SL) + MMIF WEB Playlist

Block 6 – hosted by Flimsey Freenote and Phaylen Fairchild:

David Arv Bragi aka Scout Kestrel – Our Lady of Witches (2010) * Second Life
One night in the life of a plucky young witch.
I am an admitted artistic dilettante who has performed on stage, organized living history shows, worked as a freelance journalist, written songs and poems, organized theme parties and, more recently, experimented with short videos. I am currently working on a full-length, no-budget dramatic narrative film that is to be shot entirely in Second Life. I earn my living selling airport safety equipment and live in the Sonoran desert of Arizona with my wife, two computers and a pack of wild coyotes.

Arm Strom – SymbioticA-Exotica or Vice Versa (2011) * Second Life
The machinima “SymbioticA-Exotica or Vice Versa” are inspired by art in Second Life, and SymbioticA, a artistic laboratory dedicated to engagement with the life sciences and issues of life manipulation. I was intrigued, it made me curious and gave me a creepy feeling too. Something that feed my imagination.
I am a mixed media artist from Oslo in Norway. I like to explore virtual environments and art, and tell stories with a few snapshots or a machnima. I have been in Second Life since 2007. I made first machinima the ” Eye of Newt ” in the end of 2009. My background a.o.. from The Norwegian University of Life Sciences, affects more than likely some of my expression.

LasoPantomik Yao – Priest Ziplon, exhibit at Muselight Art Visual Gallery (2010) * Second Life
Priest Ziplon (artist), Colin Thimothy Gagnon, Gnomus (Gnome) n electronic/orchestal interpretation of Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky. Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 (audio).
Graphic designer that loves machinima.

Gene Williams aka Miles Eleventhauer aka Gwiz – Heroes (2010) * Second Life
Title track from Keyboardist, Gene Williams’ CD ‘Heroes!’ is a tribute to the classic Jazz/Rock & Progressive music & album art of the 70’s & 80’s.
GENE WILLIAMS- (GWiz) Has toured, recorded and performed with Roberta Flack, Chaka Khan, Freddie Jackson, Gloria Gaynor, Vernon Reid, Cory Glover, Black Rock Coalition and numerous others. Gene’s keyboard approach ranges from Jazz, Fusion to Funk and Rock, and tours nationally and internationally

Suzy Yue – Cruise Control (2010) * Second Life
When photojournalist Jackie Schmidt finds herself out of a job, her friend, Makita, offers her a chance to get away for a relaxing cruise. But Jackie gets more than she bargained for in this action packed comedy adventure on the high seas.
K. DaVette See (SL: Suzy Yue) is a director and producer of SL films through her company, Running Lady Films which she operates with her RL husband, Rob See (SL: Gnueon Aeon). They produce films for clients including IBM and AVENUE, as well as artistic films. Suzy and Gnu bring experience in RL media and stage productions as director and designer, respectively, to their SL films. Suzy also runs Suzy’s Super Cast & Crew, a casting and talent management service in Second Life. She respects the work of actors and techs, and fights for recognition and compensation for their work.

Lori Landay aka L1Aura Loire – Open End: A Digital Silent Film Screwball Comedy about Irresolution (2010) * Second Life
When a distracted woman and her pink leopard crash their hot air balloon into a handsome rogue who is just minding his own business . . . well, you know how it will end. Or do you?? If you’re a film buff, this machinima movie (digital video captured in a virtual world or other 3-d game environment) may very well entertain and delight. And if you like seeing people and a pink leopard chase each other, you will like it, too.
L1 participates in the SL arts community as a machinamist, artist, educator, writer, member of artist groups, and otherwise bumbling around the grid. She is also Lori Landay, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Cultural Studies at Berklee College of Music, an interdisciplinary scholar and new media artist exploring the making of visual meaning in 20th and 21st century culture. She spent the academic year 2008-09 on sabbatical in Second Life researching “virtual subjectivity” through her machinima, art installations, and writing. For more information, see

NicoleX Moonwall – Hot Tuna Tacos (2011) * Second Life
The dance before the Demon from the land of the OPZ
that has travel across the other plane to here at
Insilico / Mars.
Second Life want-to-be Machinima artist,now second life has become first life.
Now I work 24/7 on honing my skills and doing close to seamless sweep video with the music to make a smooth flow with the music and what my eyes and hands see and feel,calling this ShoDo form of writing with my mind and the cam.

Pooky Amsterdam, Russell Boyd, James Canton – Time Travelers (2011) * Second Life
The future and the forces which shape it. Three teens journey forward to meet thefuture, finding excitement and danger. They meet their future selves and see the incredible opportunities awaiting them. But first they have to fight The Pattern, and killer robots. Are you ready?
PookyMedia productions is a world class award winning Machinima company with a wonderful portfolio of work in a variety of genres – Shorts, shows, films, series, commercials, training films, educational films and interviews.

Laurina Hawks – No Tomb for the Arts (2010) * Second Life
Heist Movie. Machinima about a rich art collector who wants to retrieve a virtual artwork. He hires a masterthief who steals it, but at the end will be a little surprise… This Movie won the MachinUWA II Challenge 2010.
As a german writer I published seven books (novels, narratives, non-fiction and anthologies), as a music composer I published one Album and several Machinima Soundtracks. I am living in the south of germany – producing Machinima is a new way for me to express my art with a maximum of possibilities. I am also the creator of a Roleplay environment called “The Simulacron”, based on my novel which has Laurina Hawks as protagonist.

Hypatia Pickens – KAPHD (2011) * Second Life
A story adapted from the 12th-century Life of Saint Hildegard of Bingen by Gottfried and Theodoric, telling of a mysterious event that frightens a troubled priest and sends him to seek the magistra’s help. Hildegard was a German nun famed for her music, visions, writings and prophecies.
I’m an English professor at an Upstate New York university where I teach northern medieval vernacular literature and language, creative writing and film and cultural studies. I have published some of my poetry and fiction, and I am an amateur artist and song-writer. I read poetry at the Blue Angel in Second Life and have only recently started making machinima. I received a modest grant to teach it in the Fall of 2010. It satisfies a lot of the skill sets (drawing, story-telling, singing and music) that I had to give up as a full time professor.

Piotr Kopik aka Olza Koenkamp – Psychosomatic Rebuilders animation #002 * Second Life
Quiet, black, summertime machinima by Piotr Kopik aka Olza Koenkamp.

Playlist 4: – [Saturday June 18] – LEA Theatre (SL) + MMIF WEB Playlist

Block 7 – hosted by Evie Fairchild and Almo Schumann:

Jakechief Piers – The Scar (2010 – 2011) * Moviestorm
This is a true story. A woman, abused by her own husband, gets a friend, who she only knows through the internet… only problem is that he lives 3000 miles away.
I am a writer, actor and director. I am the host of the storm hour on I am a user of moviestorm and I am part of the TMU community. I have been acting since I was 5.

Pine Martinek – Smoking Iron on Cold Steel (2011) * Second Life
A video I filmed of a train I made in SL. Only my second
machinima. I just started in machinima and hope to Carry on.

Marianne McCahn – Making An Infohub: The Birth of the Bay City Municipal Airport (2009) * Second Life
Shot over a month, this documentary visually details the creation of the Bay City Municipal Airport in Hau Koda, from concept to completion and use.
A long time Second Life Resident known largely for her photography and outreach on Second Life Children, Marianne McCann has become a ardent support of both the Bay City area of the mainland, as well as the Linden Department of Public works.

jjccc art – Charlie Sheen on Art (2011)
ART is my wonderful sim I created on the New World Grid, a 3D virtual reality environment were anything is possible.):
I love art.

Gypsy Quixote – He Doesn’t Have Time for Silliness (2011) * Second Life
Short spontaneous video of Ann Otoole dancing @ Bunnyjam. Added my own minimalist soundtrack later. Just a test really, my first attempt at writing to machinima.
RL/SL musician and gypsy. Learning machinima on a tired old machine.

Ambrosia St. James aka Ambrosia Lanley – A Star is Born (2011) * Second Life
A Star is Born is a story of rock and roll., a rock and roll mother who leaves her child and never has time for her. In the end the Mother realizes her mistake, but it’s too late. The daughter turns out just like her mother, a rock star not having time for her mother.
Born in Second Life 8/9/2009. Real Life born in Arlington, Texas living in California. Publisher of Lesbian LifeStyle Magazine. Home schooled self taught artist living the life.

Helen Fermate aka Starshine Halasy – NA’VI in SL (2011) * Second Life
Helen Fermate – Multi Media Artist a.k.a. Starshine Halasy – Reporter – Movie maker and Gallerist in Second Life
Owner of Gallery Fermate 🙂
Helen was the most wonderful host a festival could wish for, in Club Karlsson in Amsterdam, all during the event.

Evie Fairchild and Almo Schumann, Alibi Projects – Gold (2010 – 2011) * Second Life
Gerard’s neighbors in his rundown section of town envy the rich and covet their wealth, but they
do little about it. But the quiet and aloof Gerard takes matters into his own hands, as he travels into posh neighborhoods in his quest for Gold.
Alibi Projects was founded by two former journalists based on two pillar principles. Machinima
productions should tell compelling and enjoyable stories. And creativity soars when there is a genuine atmosphere of collaboration among the participants in a project.

Molly Cybertar aka MSCybertar – Dance of the Red Boots (2011) * Second Life
A dancer journeys through the creative process and back again.
I am an artist working mostly in printmaking, graphics, and new media.

Mary Wickentower – MACHINIMUWA III: JOURNEYS – A Journey Down Moon River (2011) * Second Life
A journey down Moon River, created for the MACHINIMUWA III: JOURNEYS. A blend of nostalgIic imagry set to the song Moon River by SL musician Antonio Galloway
Machinimatographer, Artist, Author, Poet, Songwriter, and presidential candidate on the virtual party ticket.

Nitwacket – “The Wizard And The Ozimal” (2011) * Second Life
A tiny wizard in search of her ozimal Boo, tragically stolen by a dragon.
I am a Raglan Shire Tiny.

Paradise Quixote – Beautiful Loser (2011) * Second Life
A French blues singer performs his original composition and drifts into thoughts about his song’s meaning to him.
I have been assisting other moviemakers.. and finally tried filming myself.

[update] Free tickets for MMIF in Amsterdam

18 Jun

After some issue with the tickets website, there are now free tickets available again for all film blocks in Club Karlsson saturday 18th! Please order and print your free ticket NOW, details via 

At the door some free tickets are also available from 20:00 hrs today.

Extra chairs at Club Karlsson

17 Jun

There are now extra chairs available at Club Karlsson for all film blocks! Today (friday 17th)  & tomorrow (saturday 18th)!

Please reserve your free ticket NOW, details via

Avatars starring at Global Film Festival MMIF 2011 [press release]

12 Jun
P R E S S   R E L E A S E [updated 2011 06 15 10:40 CEST]
Avatars starring at Global Film Festival MMIF 2011
MaMachinima International Festival
June 17 / 18, 2011
Web live + LEA Theatre (SL™) + Club Karlsson, Amsterdam (NL)
 ‘MMIF 2011′ is the third edition of an annual film festival in 3D cyberspace with an interactive cinema screening in physical space (‘RL’). Audiences can follow some of the MMIF happenings live via the web. 
The MMIF is a celebration of Machinima: films created in virtual worlds and video games. On 3D Internet platforms like Second Life® for instance, any kind of movie set can be built at very low cost. The MMIF aims to bring Machinima, a new cinematic art form, to a wider audience. Films by professional machinima producers and by those who are just starting out will be screened at MMIF 2011. Machinima directors and avatar actors from all over the world are present in real time at the virtual theatre in SL. These ‘Machinimatographers’ will present over fifty short films and discuss their work in front of a live global audience of viewers.
Audiences in Amsterdam can follow the MMIF event live, projected on a big screen in Club Karlsson at Keizersgracht, one of the most famous canals in Holland. Several participating machinimatographers will be present. Visitors can bring their own portable computers to interact with the show on the big screen. Free (wireless) internet and electricity is provided.
 Free entrance at Club Karlsson, however tickets are required. Reservations must be made via . The amount of tickets at the door is very limited! Full = FULL! 
This year MMIF collaborates with MetaMeets, a conference about 3D-internet and Virtual Worlds. MetaMeets 2011 will take place on the same dates and location as MMIF, but during day time.
The MMIF is a volunteer-run, non-profit collaboration of MaMachinima with Club KarlssonMetaMeetsMeta.Live.Nu, PLANETART, AviewTV, Ystreams.TV, MetaMixTV, Gallery Fermate and many other volunteers. Special thanks to NIMkDe Balie and Bellissima TV. MMIF 2011 is financed by donations and gifts. Virtual land sponsored by Linden Lab®. MMIF is founded and directed by the Dutch film maker Chantal Harvey.
 To view the MMIF 2011 full program, get latest news, get tickets or live online interaction please visit:

13:00 – 19:00 – Conference about 3D-internet & Virtual Worlds
20:00 CEST (= SL 11:00 am PDT): – DOORS OPEN
20:30 CEST (= SL 11:30 am PDT): – Workshop ‘Machinima for Dummies’
22:00 CEST (= SL  1:00 pm PDT): – Opening ceremony + film blocks 1, 2
01:00 CEST (= SL  4:00 pm PDT): – Ending
13:00 – 19:00 – Conference about 3D-internet & Virtual Worlds
20:00 CEST (= SL 11:00 am PDT): – DOORS OPEN
20:30 CEST (= SL 11:30 am PDT): – Film blocks 3, 4, 5
01:00 CEST (= SL   4:00 pm PDT): – Club Karlsson closes, MMIF continues interactive online
 01:30 CEST (= SL   4:30 am PDT): – Film blocks 6, 7
04:30 CEST (= SL   7:30 pm PDT): – Ending
Club Karlsson
Keizersgracht 264
1016 EV Amsterdam
The Netherlands
LEA Theatre, Second Life®
Teleport & live streams via
PRESS CONTACT: Chantal Harvey
17-18 june MMIF 2011 flyer Ma Machinima International Festival

Please click on this MMIF flyer for large versions

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